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Can I Reduce Child Support If I Lose My Job?

With the Texas oil and gas industry in a slump, many workers face the prospect of job loss and a period of unemployment. Figuring out how to deal with child support payments during this time can be difficult — and delaying taking action can cost you thousands of dollars.

At in Corpus Christi, Texas, we offer a initial consultation so you can discuss child support payments and job loss with an experienced family law attorney. Call 361-248-5753  to schedule a consultation with lawyer .

Modifying Child Support Payments After Divorce

Child support payments can be modified if there is a significant change in circumstances for either you or your ex. Job loss qualifies as a change in circumstances, and your child support payments could be recalculated to reflect your current income.

Child support orders can be modified either through a court hearing or through the Child Support Review Process (CSRP). Attorney can guide you through every step of the process and ensure that your support payments are recalculated accurately.

Do I Need A Modification If My Ex Agrees To Reduce Support?

While your ex may agree to temporarily accept lower payments, that agreement would not be enforceable. Legally, you would continue to be bound by your existing child support order. If your ex later demands full payment, you could end up owing thousands of dollars in arrearages. This obligation would continue even if you file bankruptcy.

Schedule A Consultation About Child Support Modification

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